Biscuit Love Supports Local Businesses


We love local. Here’s a list of some of the suppliers we work with who always provide the very best quality ingredients.

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Bear Creek Farm’s cattle are born and raised on 1,400 scenic acres near Leiper’s Fork, TN. Bear Creek Farms is a sustainable grass-fed, grain-finished cattle farm, raising all-natural Angus beef in a responsible and humane way. The Cherrys are people who are truly dedicated to raising happy animals and we are proud to serve both their beef and pork.

Beaverdam Creek Farm is made up of 73 acres of rolling hills, lush green pastures, and woodlands bordered by the clear-flowing waters of Beaverdam Creek in Coble, TN. The Lingos stay true to their guiding principle of raising their produce the way our Creator intended: free of harmful chemicals, antibiotics, growth stimulants, and GMOs. Their seasonal produce serves as the inspiration for many of our seasonal dishes.

Blackberry Farm Brewery has made waves with their saisons. From a refreshing summer saison to a Fall saison aged in oak barrels to their current offering, a moody, dark Winter saison, we are positive you will enjoy each one as much as we have.

Bloomsbury Farm is nestled in the hills between Smyrna and Nolensville, TN. While vegetables and herbs are a large part of the operation, their variety of Heritage chicken eggs are what keep us coming back.

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Bourbon Barrel Foods started in the garage of founder Matt Jamie in Louisville, Kentucky. We’ve been enjoying and using their Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Extract (aged in barrels that used to hold some fine Kentucky bourbon) to give our food even more of a Southern flavor. Their motto is “Slow. Small. Simple.” We think they should also add “Superb” to it.

Cruze Dairy Farms is a family dairy farm in Knoxville, Tennessee. They milk Jersey cows and bottle their own whole pasteurized Jersey milk and real churned buttermilk. And as their t-shirts state, we can attest that biscuits really do rise better with Cruze buttermilk.

The Charleston Tea Plantation is located on historic Wadmalaw Island in the heart of the Lowcountry of South Carolina. We fell in love with the Charleston Tea Plantation on a trip to Charleston, and you will fall in love with our sweet tea! It is an exceptional product being grown right here in the South.

Jackalope Brewing Company has been supporters of Biscuit Love since our days on the truck and as long-time fans of theirs, we are thrilled to be able to reciprocate! Their American Pale Ale, Thunder Ann is made with honey and biscuit malts which we think is a perfect complement to our menu and pairs very well with The Princess.

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Helen Hooper-Hirst Pottery uses Tennessee clay to hand-make her pottery in her home studio in Lockeland Springs in East Nashville. In floating blues and iron-saturated browns, her work is inspired by the Tennessee landscape’s rich, natural colors which we enjoy each time we sip from our beautiful coffee mugs.

Weisenberger Mill has been “the baker’s choice” since early 1865. Owned and operated for six generations by the Weisenberger family, the mill is nestled on the banks of the South Elkhorn Creek in the heart of central Kentucky. One trip to this water powered mill was enough to convince us that our biscuits wouldn’t be quite Southern enough without their flour.

Whats Cookin Nashville Gold Line

What’s Cookin’ Nashville

Google Fiber goes live in Nashville 4-27-16

Read more of the Story at The Nashville Business Journal

The wait for Google Fiber is officially over — at least for a handful of Nashville customers.

The gigabit internet service that first turned its eyes toward Nashville back in early 2014 and confirmed its intention to launch here in January 2015 will start serving customers in four apartment and condo buildings today, also the grand opening of Google’s “Fiber Space,” its retail hub in the Gulch.
Martha Ivester is Google Fiber’s Nashville community manager.

Martha Ivester is Google Fiber’s Nashville community manager.

Photo by Josh Anderson for the Nashville Business Journal

Google’s selection of Nashville as a fiber city (now the fifth to get hooked up to the network) has long been seen as validation of the city’s reputation as a growing tech hub, as well as both a technical and competitive advantage to further grow that sector and others. Young, forward-thinking workers are attracted to the fast speeds of a “gig,” and the “Google” name adds even more cool cachet.

Starting today, residents of the Icon in the Gulch (where the Fiber Space is located), the Element Music Row, the Rhythm at Music Row and the Bristol on Broadway can pick up a self-installation kit at the Fiber Space and start surfing at speeds nearly 100 times faster than standard American internet speeds right away (assuming they select a gig-only, no TV plan). Another 200 buildings or so are also on track to get Google Fiber, and the company has launched a new “apartment finder” tool Nashvillians can use to see if their building is on the list.

“Our intent is over the next several weeks and months to bring more buildings online,” said Martha Ivester, Google Fiber’s Nashville community manager. But, she continued, “It’s not as simple as ‘Let’s build it and let’s flick a switch.’ We’re going to just keep adding buildings and neighborhoods as we’re able.”

The construction of the network has certainly not been as simple as flicking a switch. It’s been nearly a year since the company began construction of the fiber network, and Ivester said there’s no clear timeline for when single-family homes and a broader pool of businesses (those in buildings with residential hookups will get access) will be able to connect.

Read more of the Story at The Nashville Business Journal